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Why should you use Datawok?
It’s easier than anything else

There’s nothing stopping you changing your operations to become a data-driven business. You could use a variety of other toolkits that enable data analysis. Or, you could just use Datawok and save time, money and effort.

Why you should care about data

DIY Data Analysis

The journey from data capture to insight is long, and can be expensive.
There are six main steps to the process.
We’ve broken it down for you here:

Raw Data

Any and all information related to the business

Often unstructured and tend to come from a variety of tools, systems and spreadsheets

What would it cost you?

Choose your business’ size and take a look at what might need to spend.

Small Business

Raw Data & Storage

Data Cleaning

Data Engineering

Data Analysis

Business insight

Data Science

Web servers
Excel sheets

Per transaction

Business Owner


est. £30k

csv exports
Cleaning Excel files
Version control

£150+ pcm

Admin Staff

est. £20k

est. £40k


Sales Staff


£150+ pcm


Excel analysis
Maybe some use of python
Visualisation tools

Word, Excel
Domain expertise




Psst! Datawok solves this from £35 pcm

What if I want to do this myself?

There’s a lot of very good options out there and we can’t deny that.
We’ve summarised the data analysis options for you below.
But, if you want some impartial advice on what’s best for you
Contact Us and we’ll help.

Designed for business people



Designed for data people

Enterprise data services,
without the enterprise price tag

We understand that you don’t need a full-time data or tech person all the time.

Datawok Premium brings you all of the same skills and expertise of an enterprise solution. But, on-demand.

Pay for as much, or as little, as you need with no minimum contracts at a price point that matches your needs.

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