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Enterprise-level data analysis
Without the enterprise price-tag

Pay per month for what you need
with no hidden costs

2020 offer

if you’re a sole trader Book A Call and apply
for an extra £5 off per month
If you’re a larger organisation and need more users,
Contact Us so we can offer you the best package

How do I start?

Datawok works with your sales data from websites, eCommerce, POS, ePOS, or  accounting packages. You most likely use a few spreadsheets, too, right?

Just upload any of that into Datawok.

How can I find that data? Try the options below.

How long is the free trial?

1 calendar month.
If you cancel your account before 30 days, you won’t get charged.
Or, if you love Datawok as much as we hope, you'll get billed from month 2.

When am I billed?

On a monthly basis, 30 days after you set up your account.

Can I get free access?

Take a look at our Referral Scheme

Can I pay in another currency?

At the moment, no, sorry.
But we’re working on it and will keep you updated as soon as we can bill in other currencies. For now, you’ll have to either pay a currency transaction fee on the card you add in Stripe.Or, you could use a currency card. If you want help with finding one, you can Contact Us

If you have any other questions about pricing, Contact Us or
see our Pricing and Subscription Policy.

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