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Meet the team

Our mission

Give all businesses access to  enterprise-level data insight.
Without the enterprise price tag.

Our Story

We came together wanting to give every business access to clear, efficient and actionable insights on business data.
Why? Because we’ve all worked for large corporates and seen how they use use data to squeeze smaller companies.

Data matters and using data
effectively is powerful.

Normally, Data Analysis
Is Expensive

Data analysis tools are expensive and require expertise.
Often, businesses need to use consultants but they cost huge sums of cash and force you to change in ways you hadn’t imagined.

So We built Datawok

Datawok is an enterprise-level piece of software at a small business price-point.

We didn’t like talking to “the suits” any more than you do, so we built an app to replace them.

The team

A background in financial services, small business operations, data science
and web development.

Tesh - CEO

For his sins, a former KPMG management consultant in banking and an ex-startup COO and Head of Product who most recently set up a UK lending platform.

When not working, he can be found lifting heavy things and putting them back down again or reading French books about love and German books about history.


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