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Combine your business brains with Datawok to supercharge business

Datawok is your personal AI business analyst.
It helps your business grow bigger and faster and with corporate level sophistication

Are You thinking like a smart business?

Why are some businesses more successful than others? It’s often because they work smarter, not harder, by asking the right questions to enable growth.

So, are you ready to start asking the right questions to make your business grow?

Sales and Purchases

Which sales channel is best performing?
What trends and seasons affect you?
Where can you increase margin?
Can you better supplier deals?
and more...

Internal Processes

How can you speed up production?
Where can you streamline processes?
Where can you become more lean?
How can you sell quicker?
and more...

Website History

How long is your customer journey?
Where are customers dropping off?
Where are your visitors coming from?
What’s your conversion rate?
and more...

Staff History

What’s retention rate and its importance?
Where can automation assist staff?
What are hiring and training costs?
Who’s actually best performing?
and more...


How long are you holding onto dead stock?
Do you need a fixed office?
Rent vs purchase equipment
Improve COGS
and more...

Financial Data

Effort of payment terms
Finance providers and rates
Payment options and rates
Cashflow considerations
and more...

Business Performance Analysis

How do you move between cash positions?
Consider all the factors
Track performance
Improve and grow

How smart is your business?

On a scale of 1 -5 how smart are your business decisions?


Level 1 : On the right track

How are your sales distributed across different product lines, categories & channels?

What are your best selling products? And where do you sell them? Does this change over time?
Answering this is fundamental to provide the foundations of accelerated business growth. Enterprises use this level of information everyday to increase margins and reduce cost of goods sold.

How does this help my business?

Knowing the difference in sales performance across the different things you sell ensures that you’re always driving sales of the most popular items. And, you won’t waste time trying to push goods your customers don’t want.

How do I answer this question?

Comparing sales across different product groups helps paint a comprehensive picture of how those different products measure up. You can break this down further to see what the changes are over time or look at the totals for any given period.

What does success look like?

Sarah makes sales via different online shops and platforms. Through the use of Datawok, Sarah is able to continuously direct sales efforts to the most profitable sales avenue, whilst maintaining a healthy diversity of sales channels.

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