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A premium service to accelerate growth, only for sophisticated businesses

We’ve used data to build Banks, Small Businesses and enable FMCG to sell more. And now we’ve created a Premium Service for a limited number of businesses.

We’ll help you become a sophisticated business that uses data to increase sales, reduce costs and dominate your space.

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Everything you need to be
a sophisticated business

Complete Data Audit

We conduct a complete investigation into your current operational structure from a data-centric viewpoint. This diagnostic report allows us to build an architectural roadmap which we can help you execute upon.

Identify business opportunities that only data can reveal. Datawok provides a complete data diagnosis to pinpoint exactly what you need for your business.

Data & Technology Services

Leverage our industry-leading expertise to take your business to the next level with cutting-edge technology and data infrastructure. We can help with anything from website building to advanced predictive modelling.

Unlock business sophistication through data. Datawok conducts enterprise-level analysis and data science projects to drive sales and cut costs.

Business Management Services

But what should you do with all this shiny new technology? Datawok seamlessly integrates this into your business; from everyday operations to important board meetings and strategical decisions.

Reach your business goals faster using targeted insights. Datawok allows you to do less, and sell more with automated business intelligence.

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We only offer Premium Services to a handful of clients. Why?
Because we don’t spread ourselves too thin  and we work with businesses who are really motivated to accelerate very quickly.

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indicative Pricing

With Datawok Premium, we’ll sort our all your data and analysis needs.

You’ll get unlimited access to the App and both free and discounted
access to our full suite of Services

Helping Hand

For smaller businesses who need some friendly advice and a bit of help to execute on more complex tasks.

£150 pcm

1/2 day free services consulting pcm

0% discount
on additional
services consulting

Task Force

For businesses who know what they want to achieve, but don’t have the resources to execute quickly

£350 pcm

1 day free services consulting pcm

5% discount
on additional
services consulting

Strategic Partner

For businesses who need a more bespoke approach with consulting and hand-on support

£500 pcm

2 days free services consulting pcm

12.5% discount
on additional
services consulting

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