Datawok is closed 😢

We’re sorry to announce that Datawok closed down in November 2020.
We’re honoured to have had 300 users and proud of what we accomplished.

Why did Datawok Close

We launched Datawok in April 2020 of this year - possibly the worst time to do so!!
In March, we almost closed our funding round but post-Corona, it's been impossible to do so.
Since then, our two Co-Founders paid the costs of the app but, in September we decided we couldn’t afford to do so anymore.

What is the team doing next?

Our CEO, Tesh Srivastava, still believes in supporting small business.
You can contact him on linkedIn for updates on the team.
He’s always open to talk about small business, Datawok, or about French books about love and German books about society.

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